K-Beauty @ CVS! Drugstore Haul

Hey everyone! Recently I went a little K-Beauty crazy over the new K-Beauty releases at CVS! This is my haul. Later I will update with separate reviews but here is what I got.


The Creme Shop I Am Youthful Beauty Water – When I tried spraying this first it has a nice smell, kind of like grape popsicles. Upon first impression it was refreshing and left my skin looking fresh and dewy. IMG_0014


The Creme Shop Mon Cheri Powder Blush – The packaging for this was so cute I couldn’t resist. Plus the color looks very wearable too (and I’m on kind of a blush craze right now). IMG_0018

Joah Infinite Kiss Satin Liquid Lipstick – This brand is getting all kinds of hype on YouTube lately. This satin liquid lip swatched much more peach and brighter than it looks in the tube.IMG_0019

Joah Truly Yours Natural Finish Foundation Drop – Again, I saw good reviews for this on YouTube but unfortunately the shade I got was in the wrong spot (I got Classic Ivory and I meant to get Natural Beige) so I will have to go back and get the right shade.IMG_4203

Peach Slices Strawberry Ice Cream Sheet Mask, Blueberry Ice Cream Sheet Mask, and Pineapple Peace Popsicle Sheet Mask – I am on a little bit of a sheet mask kick right now and couldn’t resist picking these up!  They looked so cute in the packaging, hopefully if these have any fragrance they won’t irritate my skin.


Joah Wat-a-matte Matte Liquid Lipstick in Sangria and Kandy Apple – I’ve tried these already and they are super matte, fully pigmented, and long-lasting while not being drying and absolutely love them. I’ve heard the lighter shades are more patchy, so be warned.

The Creme Shop An Elf’s Workshop Resveratrol Sheet Mask – I bought this mostly because it’s so cute and festive for the upcoming holiday season, but also because I’ve heard great things about Resveratrol being great for your skin, so fingers crossed this is a good sheet mask.

That was my K-Beauty haul from CVS! Are there any products you’d specifically like me to try? Let me know in the comments below!

– xo Whatever Lydia Does xo

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