Hair Care Routine UPDATE! What Have I Been Doing Differently?

Hey everybody! So recently, I’ve been doing a few different things with my hair and I’ve noticed a BIG difference. For background information, my hair is fine, color-treated, and damaged from 13 years of dye-ing my hair different colors and using hot tools. Doing these things, I’ve noticed that my hair is a lot stronger, healthier, shinier, and I’ve been getting lots of compliments on it lately! I thought I would share with you the things I’ve been doing in case you want to pick up a few tips and tricks.

What I’ve Doing:


– Taking Biotin Plus Keratin (10,000mg Biotin 100mg Keratin) This bottle of pills was only about $6 at Target! They contain about 4x the amount of your average Biotin gummy supplement you will find in most Biotin or Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamins and also the Keratin is a good bonus. I have only been taking them for about a week and a half but in that time I have noticed my hair being a lot stronger and healthier and I think it is in part due to this supplement!


– Using a boar bristle brush. This one is from Conair’s range, and cost me about $10. I have also been using a part boar bristle brush part regular detangling brush from Wet Brush and I’ve noticed a big difference from that as well. My hair has been noticeably less tangled and shinier since using these brushes!


– For the past several months, I have been using the Pureology Hydrate Conditioner, which is pricier but I got it on 20% off with a coupon during one of Ulta’s promotions, and I get the larger version. Ever since using this conditioner, I’ve noticed my hair being a lot softer and less damaged. I would say even though it’s pricey it’s definitely worth the investment and I’ve already re-purchased!


– I’m not saying this is completely responsible for repairing my hair, but a nice conditioner I’ve also been using in conjunction with the Pureology (alternating since it is so expensive) is the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth as well when I use it and if you can’t afford or don’t want to spend the money on the Pureology one, it’s a nice conditioner to use as well. I’ve also been using the Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment as well whenever I wash my hair before I put a brush through it, as well as the Ouai Hair Oil, though those two things I’ve been using for some time.

Before Pic:


After Pic:


These things I believe are what have contributed a huge difference to the texture and quality of my hair over the past few months! As you can see from the before and after picture there is a huge difference. I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and found it helpful.

As always, I’m – xo Whatever Lydia Does xo

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