What I Got at Lush || Lush Haul – Pictures w/ Mini Reviews

Recently I moved into a new apartment that finally had a bath tub that I could use, and I got very excited and purchased some things from Lush for my bath (bath bombs and a bubble bar) and a face mask. This is my haul with some pictures and mini-reviews.

Mask of Magnaminty – I bought this tub after going through a sample size I was given in the store. It’s.a mask you can use on your face and body though I’ve only used it on my face. It’s a thick mask that smells kind of herbal and minty with gritty bits to exfoliate that the Lush website says is made of kaolin clay, peppermint oil, ground aduki beans, vanilla, and honey. The first few times I used it greatly reduced the size of my breakouts in just 10 minutes or less, although as I’ve continued using it I haven’t noticed as much of an effect. It’s still very pleasant to use and I use it mainly as a spot treatment.


Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb – This bath bomb was nice and citrusy while still being very relaxing. The Lush website says it has neroli, lime, and lemon myrtle with blue cornflowers. It does leave some black floating bits in my bathtub, which is a drawback, though it did leave my skin feeling nice and soft afterwards and I didn’t feel the need to moisturize.


Twilight Bath Bomb – This bath bomb was extremely moisturizing but it didn’t smell like much of anything. It was pink and then a blue center came out of the middle of the bath bomb leaving the water purple. The lush website says it contains lavender oil. If hard-pressed I would say that when I smelled the bath bomb by itself it smelled mildly of fizzy berry soda. It was mildly relaxing though not as much as the Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb strangely and it didn’t leave any residue in my bath.


Creamy Candy Bubble Bar – This bubble bar was a little bit different from the bath bombs because I could get two uses out of it but I also had to crumble it in the bath with my hands. It made the bath very milky and creamy as the name suggests, and it was very relaxing, although it wasn’t as moisturizing as the bath bombs and I did have to moisturize afterwards. It also was very faintly sweet although it was mostly creamy. It didn’t leave any residue in my bath.

That was my Lush haul and review! Do you like to shop at Lush? Any thoughts or recommendations for other bath products for me to try? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Xo Whatever Lydia Does xo

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