Back to MAC Experience + What I Got || Whatever Lydia Does

Recently I went to MAC and I brought in items for the Back-to-MAC program, and this is what I got.

So if you don’t know, MAC has a program called Back-to-MAC where you can bring in six items from MAC that you’ve used up and trade them in for a permanent lipstick. I’ve been saving up my items for quite some time now and had some lipsticks that I no longer use from MAC, so I decided to break them off and bring them in to Back-to-MAC them. I ended up getting three lipsticks from the trade-off.

(Pictured from left to right and top to bottom: Faux, Kinda Sexy, and Mehr)

The three lipsticks I ended up getting wete Faux, Kinda Sexy, and Mehr. I’ve been thinking of getting these lipsticks for quite some time now so this was the perfect time to get them. They’re classic neutral shades from MAC that I’ve seen around a lot on social media.

All three shades were super creamy and had decent lasting power, as much as other regular lipsticks through meals. I had no problem making great looks with these three shades. Overall, I love them and have been wearing them a lot!

Tbat was my post on my Back-to-MAC experience and haul. Have you ever used the Back-to-MAC program, or plan on it now? Any other thoughts? Let me know in the comments! Xo Whatever Lydia Does xo


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