Milani Gilded Desires Palette and Hypnotic Lights Holographic Eye Toppers



So recently I bought the new Milani Gilded Desires palette and some of the Hypnotic Lights Holographic Eye Toppers and this is my review! Enjoy.

First off the shades are generally pretty pigmented when you first put them on or swatch them. Mostly a lot of gold or warm-toned smoky eyes are the looks you’re going to get with this palette, paired with some browns. However, the shades are a little flaky when you apply them and are a little difficult to work with because of this. Most of the shades are shimmery though there are a few mattes such as the highlight shade, a mid-tone brown, a cranberry color and the black that can help you get a full look.

My main problem with the palette is that the shades aren’t very long-lasting on the eyes and after a few hours the colors fade significantly. The highlights are very foiled and metallic but accentuate texture considerably. Overall this palette was not my favorite and I may consider returning this one because of these reasons.



(pictured from top to bottom: shades Naked Truth, Champagne Wasted, Love Addict, Desire for Gold, Just Bronzing Around, The Olive of My Life, Sweet as Honey, Most Covet Rose, Crazy for Cocoa, Time to Un-Wine, Wood You Join Me, Black Tie Affair and Brighten Up My Day, Highlight of My Day)


(pictured: This is the look I got with the eyeshadows in the palette)


(pictured from left to right: Star Light and Luster Light)

Now as for the Hypnotic Lights Holographic Lid Toppers (whoa, long name right) I feel completely differently about. They’re absolutely gorgeous liquid glitters that everyone and their mom has been comparing to the Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows. They go on beautifully and just a little bit will transform any eye look to something fun and beautiful. I bought two in the shades Star Light ad Luster Light, which are beautiful silver/purple duo chrome glitter and bronze gold duo chrome glitters. They are so easy to use and swipe on and they last all day on the eyes. At $11 each from Ulta they’re not the most inexpensive things from the drugstore but are definitely still a great dupe instead of the Stila ones so I so go go get them if you see them in the store or online!


(pictured: with Star Light and Luster Light applied on my eyes)

This is what they look like on my eyes. They are so pretty and I may consider buying more shades if I see them in store!

That was my post on the Milani Gilded Treasures eyeshadow palette and the Hypnotic Lights Holographic Lid Toppers. What’re your thoughts on them? Have you seen them around, or thinking of getting them? Any product recommendations for me or anyone else? Leave your thoughts below in the comments! I’d love to hear. Xo Whatever Lydia Does xo

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