Recently Purchased and Returned || Haul

I recently purchased some beauty items and ended up returning some of them. Hope you enjoy reading the post!


Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Lipstick in Sunkissed – This lipstick was very creamy and gave a beautiful coral color to the lips. Unfortunately it ended up melting a little bit in the hot summer sun but I kept it since it still worked well.

Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask – I absolutely love this eye cream. My under eyes look so smooth and hydrated when I use this eye cream. The applicator twists off and has a round glass end that you apply it with, and then I pat it in. The consistency is very liquid-y. Although it says it’s a “sleeping mask” I like to use it mostly in the morning before putting on makeup because it makes my under eye concealer look so great, although I do use it at night sometimes as well because it just makes my under eyes look smoother and better.

MAC Fix+ Matte – I was so excited about getting this because I love the regular Fix+ (I’ve had several bottles including the regular version and the Coconut, Lavender, and Rose scents) and I’m also an oily girl, so a matte version sounded great. I was so disappointed because when I sprayed it, it left white dots all over my face! I tried spraying it several times just to make sure it was this. I ended up returning it, which was too bad because I was pretty excited about getting it.


Ruby Kisses Sunset Kiss Eyeshadow Palette – I did not like this eyeshadow palette at all. I saw this at CVS and saw that it was a new brand there and also $3 and decided to pick it up and try it out. It did not have hardly any pigmentation at all and the shadows were very stiff. Although I liked the color combination and it was only $3 I would not recommend this eyeshadow palette. I also tried a lip gloss from this line but did not like it at all because it also didn’t have much color and was very thin so I ended up returning it immediately.

Loreal Les Chocolates Infallible Pro Matte Lipstick in Candyman – I knew I liked the formula of this liquid lipstick because I have several of the other Infallible Pro Matte lipsticks (including one from the Les Chocolates line) and absolutely love them. They’re extremely long-wearing (they last through several meals and at the end of the day I still have some on my lips!) and I like the colors a lot. I liked this color a little bit less just because I’m not as into pinks but it still looked very nice and lasted all day.

Wet ‘n Wild ColorIcon Lipgloss in Featherless – I was originally looking at some of the lip glasses from the MAC Patrick Starrr Summer collection around the time I saw this lip gloss and it really reminds me of them. They were very creamy, glossy, and also in a peach/nude color, and so was this gloss, only at a fraction of the cost. I will say that I think the MAC glosses were a little bit more opaque, but at $4, you can’t beat this gloss.


Huda Beauty Matte Lipstick in Gossip Girl – I have the shade ‘Sugar Mama’ from this line and loved the formula so much I knew I had to get another color. This shade is a very muted pinky-red shade that’s super wearable and while I’ve only worn it once, the formula was just as great as the ‘Sugar Mama’ color; it went on completely opaquely in one swipe and was so creamy and felt like absolutely nothing on my lips. It also lasted for hours and hours on my lips, so I would definitely consider buying another shade from this line if I saw a color I liked.

Becca Glow Lip Gloss in Opal – I was kind of in-between with my opinion on this gloss. It’s  moderately glossy but not overly glossy, and has a very muted color. I didn’t hate it enough to return it because I think I will be able to use it, but it’s definitely not my favorite gloss and I don’t think I’d purchase any more shades from the Glow Lip Gloss line.


That was my post on my haul and returns! Have any thoughts on these products? Have you tried any of these, or have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments! Xo Whatever Lydia Does xo


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