What I Bought at the Drugstore || Drugstore Haul

Recently I picked up some makeup at the drugstore. This is my haul with mini reviews.

ELF Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose – I liked the pinky-purple shade of this matte lip crayon but it emphasized my lip lines. It was thin and easy and comfortable to wear because it was not too drying.

Wet ‘n Wild Crease Brush – This crease brush is great for blending out shadows into the crease and also blending out from above. I’ve been using it everyday since I got it and it’a great value for the money.

Wet ‘n Wild Contouring Palette – I loved this contour duo a lot. The bronzer/contour side is very pigmented without being too pigmented, and is just the right shade to sculpt really well without being too defined. The highlight/banana powder side made my under eyes look so smooth and brightened which is exactly what it’s supposed to do. The powder was very creamy.


Wet ‘n Wild Fan Brush – This fan brush is a little bit flimsy, but it gets the job done to put on highlighter or brush away fall-out. The bristles are very soft and the pink on these bristles is cute too.

Wet ‘n Wild Powder Brush – I really liked this brush for applying loose setting powder all over my face and even my under-eyes in a pinch. All these brushes are incredibly soft and aesthetically pleasing.

Wet ‘n Wild Large Eyeshadow Brush – I loved this brush for doing all sorts of application of eyeshadow on my eyes, from packing any color to the lid to fanning out in the outer corner. If you are looking for new eyeshadow brush, this one is a must, and it only cost me a few dollars!

Jordana FabuBrow Pencil in Medium Brown – Believe it or not, I used to use this $2.99 eyebrow pencil from Jordana all the time and I actually missed it. It goes on opaquely, is easy to draw on your brows with, and lasts all day, and it does have a brush end you can finagle your brows with if not a full spoolie, and is dirt cheap. I actually really recommend this brow pencil if you see it in Walgreens.


Wet ‘n Wild Goth-o-topic Megaglo Loose Highlighting Powder in Moon Tears – This highlighter was very beaming and had a white undertone with shimmer. I used my typical method with this of using a liquid highlight underneath and using it wet and it lasted all day while looking very pretty.

Wet n Wild Baked Blush in Don’t Flutter Yourself – This blush was very soft and lightly shimmery and applied well with the blush brush that came in the collection. It showed up enough to have some color without being overly pigmented.

Wet ‘n Wild Perfect Pout Lip Scrub in Pecker Up – This lip scrub had a lot of scrubby sugar particles and did a decent job of exfoliating my lips while being lightly scented of watermelon. I will say it didn’t have much of a moisturizing base to moisturize my lips while exfoliating, but it did get them exfoliated enough to the point that I was satisfied.

Wet ‘n Wild Blush Brush – This brush was slightly more packed together than the other Wet ‘n Wild brushes I tried in this post, and I could tell it was more well-made than the other brushes, which is good because it was few dollars more expensive. The bristles were just as if not softer than the other brushes and it did a great job of applying the Wet ‘n Wild blush.


NYX Tres Jolie Gel Pencil Liner – I used to use this eyeliner all the time after seeing Kathleenlights rave about it. I bought it again thinking I needed something to use after eventually using up my Marc Jacobs Highliner in Blacquer, but it’s not as pigmented or creamy as I remembered. It takes a few strokes to get the line to show up, but it does serve to line my eyes black. I wouldn’t say it’s the best liner in the world but it gets the job done.

Milani Eyeshadow Primer – I already have a very well-used tube of this, so I bought this as a back-up. It makes shadows go on much more vibrantly and last all day, and is so inexpensive. I definitely recommend it.

This was my drugstore haul! Have any thoughts about the products? Have you tried any of them, or have any recommendations? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Xo Whatever Lydia Does xo


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