K-Beauty! Red Velvet Etude House Matte Chic Lip Lacquer – Wendy Red Swatch + Review



Now, this is my first on K-Beauty on this blog. I like Red Velvet, the K-Pop group’s songs Bad Boy and Peek-a-boo most memorably recently and when my sister saw that they had partnered with Korean beauty brand Etude House, we needed a lipstick from the line. Looking at swatches online Wendy Red was the most wearable.


The formula is thin and watery, and very opaque. It did not last through eating but about 1/2 of it was left when I was done eating. It was very easy to apply though some of the product did bleed outside the line during application. I wore it throughout the day and touched about up 2-3 times. Overall, if you like K-Pop and you like Red Velvet (and red lips) you might want to pick this up as a collector’s item, though the amount product they give you is very small! The overall effect it gives is very pretty and kind of a muted bright red.

Do you like K-Beauty or K-Pop? What other K-Beauty items should I try? I’m most curious about their cushion BB/CC creams so let me know in the comments what’s worth it and what’s not, I like full-coverage ideally! Xo Whatever Lydia Does – xo

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