I Lost All My Makeup Brushes! What I Repurchased First

Okay so first of all I – might – have been slightly exaggerating – I didn’t lose all my makeup brushes (I might cry if I did that – I’m sorry to say I might only be slightly exaggerating when I say this). But I did lose my brush holder which carries all the makeup brushes I carry with me on a day-to-day basis between trips from my apartment which meant most of my favorite brushes were in that container. Luckily I had some back-ups in my apartment and in my makeup bag which allowed me to still finish a full face. Still, curious to see what was crucial enough for me to re-purchase first?


So first off, instead of re-purchasing my ancient Sigma Mrs. Bunny brush set, I purchased  this BH Cosmetics set for $15, plus they were having a sale which they frequently do. They were very loosely packed, but work well enough for their intended purposes though I preferred the eye brushes over the face brushes. Overall though for $15 for so many brushes, it was a good deal.


Then I ordered my Japonesque Must Have Highlighting Duo, which I think Japonesque as a whole is a highly underrated brand and they don’t get talked about enough. They have great brush cleanser, eyelash curler, and also this brush set. It contains the fan brush I’ve been using pretty much daily for my highlighter (though it will give you a much more diffused look for your highlighter), and the smaller brush is great and I’ve been using it to set my under eyes and even set my whole face. This was pretty much the first thing I thought of when thinking about re-ordering brushes.


Now, since I have faith that my brush holder will turn up somewhere, I’ve been on pause to re-purchase the rest of kit, like some of my more expensive brushes like my actually much cherished MAC 217. Instead, though, I picked up a more affordable dupe at Ulta, the Morphe M433 for $6. This isn’t exactly the same brush as the MAC 217, but I used it today actually in a makeup look and it served perfectly well to apply my crease shade and blend out eyeshadow on the lid as well, which I used my MAC 217 for. So far, though it’s not exactly the same, I think it’s a pretty good dupe.


Now the next brushes up for me to repurchase are the Real Techniques Flawless Base Set (I have believe this may at one point may have been called the Core Collection.) Honestly, I have the buffing brush from this set still in my makeup bag, and I’d be re-purchasing this set for one brush – the Real Techniques Contour brush. With a few exceptions, this brush is what I’ve been using to apply my contour for years and truth be told I feel a little lost without it. Plus it an never hurts to have more foundation brushes around. I actually ended up buying the Ready Set Glow! kit which was on sale and contained a multitasking face brush that was very similar to the Contour brush instead. Also, I tested the fan brush and the sponge that it came with and the fan brush has become my new favorite fan brush for all my highlighters, and the sponge is my new favorite sponge. The edge on it is great for blending out concealer and foundation and is very squishy and soft.


The last item that seems absolutely vital for me to re-purchase to have my collection still be complete would be one I’ve recently acquired – the MAC 239 Synthetic Eye Shader Brush. This eye shadow brush made applying shadow to the lid and even into the crease extremely easy and was of extremely great quality. Though it pains me to fork over the $25 for a brush I just bought, I just might re-purchase it again, though the Sonia Kashuk Medium eyeshadow brush seems to be filling in for the role just fine (I just liked the MAC eyeshadow brush so much!) Unfortunately, Sonia Kashuk has re-done her entire brush line so I’m not sure you can find that brush anymore, and I haven’t tried her new brushes yet so I can’t vouch for their quality.

That was my whole overview of brushes I’ve repurchased first! Have any thoughts about these brushes, or recommendations of your own for other brushes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Xo Whatever Lydia Does – xo



  1. Aww, man, that’s rough. I’m glad you’re able to rebuild your collection.
    I’ll admit that when I saw the title I was trying to imagine a scenario where you lose EVERY SINGLE BRUSH you own and only the brushes.


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