ColourPop No Filter Concealer + Small Fluff Brush || Review + Swatches

While I have been loving the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, I’m open to having more affordable alternatives (not to mention the fact that Tarte’s recent foundation shade scandal has me looking for other things). The ColourPop No Filter concealer, while not being the same consistency, has been giving it a run for it’s money. (Pun not intended) My under eyes and face makeup look so much smoother and high-coverage in comparison than with some other more other concealers, although I do find you do need to put on more in comparison to the Shape Tape due to the fact that it’s texture is thinner. I was matched online to Golden 30 but got Medium 30 instead and I think that’s my match color.





Less product comes out on the applicator when you take it out of the tube. However, in comparison to the Tarte Shape Tape ($27) vs. the ColourPop, the ColourPop ($7) wins price wise every time. However, it comes with 0.14 oz product, and Tarte has 0.33 oz product, which is over twice the amount of product but still well more than twice over the price, so it’s up to you to decide which one is wins. I still really like the Tarte Shape Tape but the ColourPop concealer is quickly becoming a new favorite.

The Small Fluff Brush is a brush a lot of people have suggested purchasing with the No Filter Concealer. I’ve tried using it with the concealer, and to apply a cream-to-powder highlighter. Though it blends out the concealer decently, so far I like applying highlighter with I best, since I prefer sponges for that job. It does a decent job applying powder highlighter though it’s not my favorite brush for it because my favorite brush for highlighter is a fan brush. If the powder has a smaller pan (like the mini Fenty Killawatt highlighter I reviewed) it’s more useful for using it with it. It’s a little big to use with eyeshadow though as I had to get a smaller shadow brush to blend out what I applied. Blending with the bare brush over eyeshadow did work however.  Overall, I’d recommend the concealer over the brush as I don’t think it’s necessary to purchase both, though the Small Fluff Brush is nice.

Those are my thoughts on tbe ColourPop concealer and small fluff brush. I’d appreciate if you sound off with yours below in the comments if you have any,

xo Whatever Lydia Does – xo


    1. It was slightly difficult but I used Temptalia’a Foundation Matrix (@ to get matched Golden 40 and checked the swatches on the website to check to get Medium 30. It also helps they’re pretty inexpensive and work great when you have the right shades 🙂


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