Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Cheek set: What’s New From Fenty Beauty by Rihanna?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Now I’ve heard these have been out for a little while now and I finally got my hands on them! It’s a great way to try their Killowatt Freestyle Highlighter in Hustla Baby and Gloss Bomb without committing to the full size! This is the color of highlighter that I wanted to try anyways from the regular set.


This is the packaging the products come in. The layout is very cute and generally compact for the products inside.IMG_2725IMG_2731


The highlight is very vibrant and pretty. I applied it using a fan brush. The lip gloss is mostly clear with a hint of natural-looking flushed color and was very slick and just slightly sticky. It’s also pretty moisturizing when it’s on your lips (like a balm, haha). The doefoot flat applicator makes it easier to apply the gloss to your lips quickly. The highlight also.lasts well throughout the day, and the lip gloss is also pretty long-lasting .


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

I liked this set! What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments! xo Whatever Lydia Does – xo

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