Classic Red Lipsticks for Nearly Any Occasion


IMG_2349I’ve experimented with nearly every lip color under the sun, but lately I’ve been loving the classic red lip – if you don’t know what to wear, it works for nearly every occasion. These are the top 5 I’ve been wearing a ton lately, and trust me when I say you cannot go wrong with one of these no matter where you go! Here they are :


(left to right of top picture:)

Fenty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in Uncensored – I love pretty much everything I’ve tried from Rihanna’s line Fenty and this lip color isn’t an exception. Note that this will transfer if you are not careful and (try to use a lipliner) but it lasts all day without drying out the lips whatsoever, even through several meals. The bold statement red is perfect for when you want to be looking your best!


Loreal x Balmain Lipstick in Domination – When I heard that Balmain was collaborating with Loreal I nearly squealed. Domination is a classic wearable red that isn’t too much or too little for your typical occasion.


Loreal x Balmain Lipstick in Fever – Fever is another color from the Loreal x Balmain I had to have. The more muted coral red color is great to throw on for everyday if you’re not sure what to wear (and the luxe Balmain cap is a nice deal also.)


MAC Viva Glam 1 Lipstick – This is my favorite go-to lipstick as of late! I suggest all of you to run out to buy this lipstick because it is the perfect classic red shade you can wear with every look and is beautiful! The fact that all of the funds go to MAC’s AIDS fund is 100% amazing as well but I tell all of you to go get this shade even if you just want to wear it just with mascara because it is gorgeous and completely necessary if you think a red lip is anywhere in your future.


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Poinsettia – This shade is totally insane! If a metallic red lipstick sounds appealing to you, take a look at this one. I admit I mostly wore this on Christmas and Christmas Eve but If I ever feel daring enough again the metallic long-wear quality was totally glam and mood-appropriate.


Trust me no matter where you go in life, one of these will be great for your makeup looks. Reminder that a lip liner will make a world of a difference with any of these so let me know if you want a post on those as well! As always – x The Blog — En Blogue xo

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