Dose of Colors: Desi x Katy Collab ‘The Girls’ Eyeshadow Palette Review (warning: image heavy)


Hey everybody! I know I promised a post on my recommendations for makeup for combo/oily skin and trust me, that is coming soon! But I just got this in the mail, and I got so excited I just had to get this up. I know there is a ton of these posts up on this collab already, but I love Desi and Katy, and I thought, hey, what’s one more?

So let’s get into it!

First off I’d love to say that I love Desi and Katy I think their friendship is so cute and candid, and in the words of Anna from Dose of Colors, you can definitely tell that they are friends not just inside social media! I have always thought they are glamorous and fun and you can tell that they have very genuine personalities.

So now when I saw them unveil their line with Dose of Colors I knew I had to get ‘The Girls’! Quick background story but the colors always reminded me of this Bobbi Brown quad I got way long time ago at a CCO that I fell in love with that had beautiful sparkly glittery neutrals that helped me get into neutral colored eyeshadows (this probably long discontinued.)

Anyway so when I saw the color palette and the quality in Desi and Katy’s swatch video I knew it had to be mine. I am somewhat on a budget these days so I knew that if I could only get one thing, this had to be it!

Anyway so I know you are here to see swatches!


So first let’s take a look inside. When you first get the package, it looks like this (here’s a nice picture of Desi and Katy and I thought the presentation here looks nice)


And this is the inside packaging and this is what it looks like inside with the logo and signatures on the box and nice rose gold color




And this is the product! I think the rose gold/champagne foil is a really nice touch. So from clockwise we have the shades pictured (Noli, Suz, Harpoon, and Turbosan) and this comes with instructions


Now these shadows are meant to be applied with your finger and if you’ve heard a little bit about them, some of them (two of the shades – Suz and Harpoon) are meant to be applied wet (so with little bit of water, eye drops, Fix + or whatever you have around)


And here we have them swatched on my skin tone (from top to bottom we have Turbosan, Harpoon, Noli and Suz) and for reference I my skin tone is anywhere from NC25-NC35 depending on time of year, and right now since I have a tan probably between NC30-35

And the swatches are about 2-3 passes each and Suz and Harpoon swatched wet

So what do I think? Let’s see


So first off I decided to try apply Suz to the top lid  over the makeup I already had to apply that day because I had already had on on when the package came on (for reference I had Soap and Glory’s Brow Archery in Taupe on my brows and I was testing out NYX matte liquid liner and new face/eye palette called Contour-Intuitive in Warm Zone for my crease and brow bone though I’m not sure you can really tell – sum up? liner yes, palette so-so) and Noli to my bottom lashes

(and on my lashes is Loreal Lash Paradise and gloss is Buxom’s White Russian)

So first off I’d have to say that wow the pigment is really there – Suz is a little bit flaky I think just due to it’s texture but the pigment is really bam! in your face and Noli is a really beautiful bronzey-coppery shade I can see me wearing any day of the week if I wanted (although it is applied over where the concealer had worn off a little bit during the day) you can see more in other pictures



Next although I haven’t seen them frequently applied layered I just wanted to play around and see what it looked like. So here you see I layered Turbosan more on the top lid and a little bit of Harpoon on the lower lashes


Finally I decided to just go with it and re-applied a little bit of Noli all over of my top lid and as you can see I think this is a really pretty color

So over all I think this is a really beautiful palette! If you are looking for something a little bit different or a little bit (i.e.: really) glam but still really wearable to pizazz up your look I say go for it. It’s $28 on and though it’s currently out of stock (it sold out in less one day) Dose of Colors says they are re-stocking next month.

What’d you of this collab? Love Desi and Katy? Love to hear your thoughts – x The Blog En Blogue xoxo



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