Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Review

I’ve never used an eye cream that I truly noticed made a difference before using this one. I’ve tried a few but never found anything that I honestly didn’t think putting my regular moisturizer on my under eyes couldn’t do. Also the fact that most eye creams come in a jar, which doesn’t keep the ingredients – which are often very expensive – stable, has turned me off almost completely, because I would much rather use an eye cream that comes in a tube. As a matter of fact I have been using my moisturizer under my eyes (and you should ALWAYS use SPF under your eyes and the rest of your face for that matter, seeing that the sun does damage that increases the signs of aging, and your eyes are the first things to go.)

I first heard of this eye cream from Kathleenlights on YouTube. Now it caught my attention for two reasons 1) is that she mentioned some appreciation for the fact that it comes in a tube and 2) that she said it helped correct her under eye circles (which I happen to have very heavily due to genetics.)

So that when my birthday rolled around and my sister asked me what I wanted I kindly asked for this.  I have noticed a significant change in the smoothness around my eyes when I use this product. The entire area looks very taut and smooth and very hydrated, and on the days I do not use it I do see a noticeable difference. Also, I should mention the fact that I have had this tube now for maybe a little over a month and it is about halfway empty (this is while using it off and on morning and night some days, and not on some others as I’ve I mentioned although when you use it you might want to use it both morning and night if you like the effect as much as I did; truthfully I was trying to conserve it.) So if asked the question if I would repurchase it, I would say yes, although I would say to keep in mind the fact both ways that it may not correct your under eye circles and that there is such a slight amount.

Mentioned in this post: Kiehl’s Recovery Eye Concentrate $37 Purchase here

Have you used this eye cream and what was your experience with it? Are there any other products or skincare we should be dying to know about? Let us know!

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